“Sorry to interrupt, but could you please repeat that again slowly?

Kathy always hates it when she has to do this, particularly in this moment, because Alejandra looked like she was really getting into Flow with her story.

She wanted her friend to keep Flowing, but no matter how hard…

I’ve cried a lot since I heard the news last Sunday.

But this isn’t the first time I’ve cried for Kobe.

There’s a story I tell a story about Kobe that ALWAYS chokes me up by the end of my telling it:

It’s March 15, 2004, and the Lakers are…

Do you have a hard time saying “no” to people?

Some people naturally have a really difficult time turning down other people’s requests.

Usually, they are highly empathetic and thus feel negative emotion in others more acutely. …

I used to always hate stretching.

Every once in a while I’d bend over to touch my toes. But after a few seconds of holding the position, I’d give up and release the stretch — the feeling was just too unpleasant for me.

Of course, a half-second stretch does nothing…

What do you reckon is the most effective means for improving yourself?

Reading a book? Taking an online course? Attending a workshop? Getting a Life Coach?

There is certainly much to be gained from these experiences. But there is something way more effective.

The best way to improve as a…

This is my third essay of my series on how to grow and maintain healthy relationships. To recap what we’ve covered so far:

  • Each individual in a relationship comes with his or her own behaviors and desires.
  • When one person behaves in a way that frustrates the desires of the…

In my last essay, I detail the process by which a relationship between two people fails.

To recap:

  • You partner behaves in a way that makes you resentful.
  • You express that resentment by behaving vengefully toward your partner.
  • Your vengeful behavior makes your partner resentful of you.
  • A feedback loop…

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships. Unfortunately, most people mismanage their relationships, and suffer immensely as a result.

As complex as the dynamic between any two individuals can be, there are a few universal principles that govern all relationships.

Adapt to these principles…

Last Tuesday I cried on my mother’s bed, after she told me a story about my grandmother.

I’ve only met my grandmother once before. My mother took me to Nigeria to meet her when I was a baby.

I don’t remember the trip at all, but I do remember my…

Imagine this scene.

You have a date to meet two friends at a cafe. As you approach the cafe from the outside parking lot, you see your friends through the window.

One of your friends is showing the other something on his phone, and they both have wide grins plastered…

Idahosa Ness

Entrepreneur, Hyperglot, and Educator. Founder at Mindkeepers.io and Mimicmethod.com

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